That was really very entertaining.  I especially liked your number Sit Down You’re Rocking The Boat—it showed your delightful personality.  Also, that half of a dress bit was hilarious!  You probably slept well last night—that was a lot of work.  I think you brought happiness to a lot of people.  Bravo, Bravo, Lisa Hamil.

Pat Davis

I just loved coming on Sat – it was so enjoyable! And wow, there were some amazing musicians!!! Your comic take on your songs was hilarious. I would love to hear that young violinist again – she gave me goosebumps and tears in my eyes. Just amazing. And the pianist was out of this world too. Thank you so much for including me!!!

Lindsey Johnson

Great job on Sat night! Great performances, great reactions from the audience, great overall energy.

Andy Zanczak

Producer, GadgetBox

Wonderful experience, great music and so much talent. Chuck, Lu and I enjoyed it so much. Like the way it ended with the Sixth Day. Wonderful witnessing approach!

Christine Casey

Great show last night. Love your humor!  Can’t wait to see next year’s event!  

Shirley Chin

Would be great if you can shed some light on these.  We thoroughly enjoyed the whole show, from your singing/acting to Mikey’s accompaniment to the rest of the singers including Rayan.  it was very very enjoyable.  My couple of friends who had come shared the same opinion as well.

Ramakrishnan Narayanaswamy

I listened to the entire hour and a half, dear friend, and am touched by your commitment to the Word of the Lord. The Lord gives us different gifts to use in service to others and I thank Him on a daily basis for what he has provided to me personally and through the wonders I see in this world.

Leslie Purtz